Emergency hotlines

No.EntityContact Details
1Philippine Coast Guard – Iloilo City09985858061
2BFP – Iloilo City3373011, [email protected]
Sir Valenzuela (BFP Iloilo City)09778660313
Sir Malijan (BFP Iloilo City)09218010851
3PSTMO3327892 (from 8am-5pm)
Leo Ramos (PSTMO)09086808014
PSTMO Email[email protected]
5Liga ng mga Barangay09291933940
6CHO Email[email protected], [email protected]
7Liga ng mga Barangay09291933940, [email protected]
8PAGASA Visayas PRSD0333216420, 09195812204
Emergency contact details from @JerryTrenasOfficial Facebook page.

Capiz PPO, PMFC and City / Municipal Police Stations hotline number

Unit / StationHotline Number
Maayon MPS09089912982
Panay Municipal Police Station09988618559
Panitan Municipal Police Station09107861457
Pilar Municipal Police Station09084877518
Pontevedra Municipal Police Station09309615721
President Roxas Municipal Police Station09985986172
Roxas City Police Station09297617482
Cuartero Municipal Police Station09302661000
DAO Municipal Police Station09993780825
Dumalag Municipal Police Station09196561070
Dumarao Municipal Police Station09474689925
Ivisan Municipal Police Station09128317984
Jamindan Municipal Police Station09394693050
Mambusao Municipal Police Station09307120375
Sapian Municipal Police Station09126942559
Sigma Municipal Police Station09071983874
Tapaz Municipal Police Station09305339026
1st PMFC09985988216
2nd PMFC09636235053
Capiz Police Provincial Office6211249 / 09189626477

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