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Tigbauan Tragedy: Gunfire Erupts at Festive Event, Leaving Locals Injured and Fearful

ILOILO CITY – A disco gathering in Barangay Nagba Tigbauan turned into a terrifying incident on March 19, 2023, as gunshots rang out and a person was allegedly struck by an unknown group of men. The incident highlights the dangers of firearms and the potential harm they can cause in the wrong hands.

In an interview with Radyo Bistado, Police Captain Mary Jane Panes, the Chief of Police of Tigbauan Municipal Police Station, stated that they received a call from a concerned citizen reporting an alleged firearm discharge in the barangay.

Promptly responding to the scene, Panes discovered that a group of men had entered the gym carrying short firearms and made alarming noises by continuously firing their weapons. She later confirmed that the group that struck the person was not the same group that discharged the firearms.

The only witness to the incident, Edgar Umayaw, 23, went to the police station the next day with a bullet wound in his left arm.

According to Edgar’s statement, he was inside the gym when the commotion occurred and attempted to disarm the suspect who was carrying a handgun, but he was unsuccessful. He did not know how he got injured or who inflicted his wound.

Before Edgar attempted to disarm the suspect, he heard four continuous gunshots. When he approached the commotion, he witnessed the suspect discharging multiple gunshots by pointing up and down.

Photo by Aaron Lloyd Refoyo.

Captain Panes revealed that the suspect’s name was Alejandro Umayaw, a 55-year-old resident of the same barangay, who was arrested and is currently in custody of the Tigbauan Municipal Police Station.

She added that Alejandro also had a short firearm, but it is not yet clear if he discharged it. The police recovered fired cartridge cases from an unknown firearm at the scene, but none from Alejandro’s firearm. She further stated that the suspect is the uncle of the victim Edgar.

The incident raises serious concerns about gun control and the need for stricter gun laws. The potential harm that firearms can cause in the wrong hands is clear, and stricter regulations are needed to prevent incidents like this from happening.

Additionally, the alleged involvement of uniformed personnel in the incident, which is subject to verification, can raise questions about the accountability of those in authority and their ability to handle firearms responsibly.

Captain Panes is currently conducting an investigation to identify some of the suspects.

She has received tons of information regarding the suspects but no one has shown up to cooperate with her investigation.

As of the latest report from Captain Panes, the suspect Alejandro Umayaw was charged with alarms and scandal on March 20, 2023. The incident underscores the urgent need for stricter gun laws to promote public safety and prevent gun-related crimes.

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