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Brigade General Samson Vows to Crush Insurgency in Panay as Armed Groups Continue to Plague the Region

ILOILO CITY — In a visit aimed at addressing the pressing issue of insurgency, Brigade General Michael G. Samson, Commander of the 301st Infantry “Bayanihan” Brigade, Philippine Army, met with Police Colonel Joeresty Coronica, the City Director of the Iloilo City Police Office, and the entire police force to discuss strategies to combat violence and the destructive activities of armed groups in the mountains and plains. The meeting took place on Friday, June 9, 2023, at Camp Achilles Plagata on General Luna Street in Iloilo City.

During the press conference, General Samson emphasized that the military and other uniformed personnel will not cease their efforts to eliminate armed groups that continue to sow unrest in the mountainous areas of Panay and engage in criminal activities. He reiterated that the goal is to eradicate insurgency on the entire island of Panay.

The plan to eradicate armed groups in the region is supported by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. himself and other government officials in the provinces of Iloilo, Antique, Capiz, and Aklan. They recognize the importance of addressing this issue to boost tourism in the area, as potential investors have shown reluctance due to the presence of armed groups.

Furthermore, the government has programs in place to encourage armed groups to surrender, and local governors are providing comprehensive assistance to them and other groups seeking a way out of violence.

These initiatives aim to reintegrate former insurgents into society and ensure their well-being even after they leave the armed struggle.In an interview with Radyo Bistado, General Samson was asked about the notable achievements and significant contributions of the 301st Brigade to the Philippine Army and the local community. He highlighted their ongoing operations against armed groups, particularly the encounters in Libacao, Aklan, near the boundaries of Antique, Aklan, and Capiz. Additionally, they are intensifying their efforts on the Southern and Central Fronts.

While some successful operations have taken place, General Samson acknowledged that their impact may not yet be considered significant, as they continue to carry out operations. However, the public will gradually witness the dwindling influence of armed groups on the island of Panay.

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