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Altercation Between Taxi Driver and Traffic Aide in Iloilo City Escalates to Death Threat

ILOILO CITY – A shocking video capturing a heated altercation between a male taxicab driver and a traffic aide from the Public Safety and Traffic Management Office (PSTMO) has surfaced, revealing a disturbing turn of events. The incident, which occurred earlier yesterday at the intersection of Delgado St. and Phil Trust Bank in Iloilo City, took an alarming twist when the traffic aid, identified as D. Regala (as printed on his uniform), issued a chilling death threat towards the taxi driver.

The video, forwarded to Jun Capulot, portrays a tense confrontation between the taxicab driver and Regala, whose identity has been disclosed for the sake of privacy. The taxicab driver, behind the wheel of an SUV registered under GDR Transport Services Corp., bore the license plate number FAG 5153.

The exact cause of the altercation remains unknown, leaving many unanswered questions as to what triggered such an extreme reaction from the PSTMO traffic aide. However, what transpired next shocked viewers, as Regala, with an aggressive tone, explicitly threatened to kill the taxi driver. The gravity of the threat raises serious concerns about public safety and the conduct of PSTMO personnel.

Disclaimer: The events described in this news article are based solely on the video footage provided, and further investigation is required to ascertain the full context and circumstances surrounding the incident. The privacy rights of those involved will be respected throughout the investigative process.

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