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Iloilo City Police Nabs Drug Suspect in a Successful Buy-Bust Operation

ILOILO CITY – In a coordinated effort led by the Iloilo City Police, a buy-bust operation was conducted in Brgy. San Jose, Arevalo, resulting in the arrest of a notorious drug dealer, Joey Rendon y Molo, also known as “Joey”. The suspect, a 31-year-old male resident of Brgy. Boulevard, Molo, Iloilo City, was apprehended for the violation of R.A 9165 section 5 and 11.

The operation was conducted on April 4, 2023, at around 11:44 PM, with PCPT MAVIN R LARAÑO, OIC, and DTPO SDET ICPS6 leading the police team. The suspect was caught red-handed after selling a sachet of white crystalline substance believed to be shabu to a police posuer buyer in exchange for PHP 3,000.00.

During the operation, the authorities also seized a total of 13 sachets of shabu, including the buy-bust item, worth an estimated value of PHP 20,400.00. Other items confiscated include a red Mentos steel canister, buy-bust money, and an Android cellular phone.

The police informed the suspect of his constitutional rights in the dialect known to him and will be taken to ICPS6 station for proper disposition and filing of the appropriate case. The operation was covered by body-worn cameras, ensuring the transparency of the operation.

The successful buy-bust operation is a testament to the Iloilo City Police’s commitment to rid the city of illegal drugs and bring drug dealers to justice. The authorities are determined to continue their efforts to make Iloilo City a safer place for all its residents.

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