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Justice for Christine Gabayeron: Suspect in Murder Case Finally Revealed

ILOILO CITY – Lieutenant Joebert Amado, the Deputy Station for Operation of Mandurriao PNP, has released the image of the suspect who allegedly murdered masseuse Christine Gabayeron in a lodging house in Barangay Bolilao, Mandurriao, last Saturday, April 1, 2023.

In an interview with Radyo Bistado, Lieutenant Amado revealed that they have obtained CCTV footage of the suspect entering the lodging house, which was also confirmed by the room boy. The police have released the suspect’s image to the public in the hopes that someone may recognize him. Lieutenant Colonel Albert Sy, the chief of Mandurriao PNP, has also offered a reward of 10,000 pesos for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

According to the results of the autopsy examination, Gabayeron was hit with a bottle on the head five times, strangled from behind, and sustained head injuries that caused her death. The police believe that the motive for the murder was Gabayeron’s refusal to engage in sexual activity with the suspect at the agreed price.

As of now, the suspect’s name and other details have not yet been disclosed as the investigation is still ongoing. Lieutenant Amado believes that the suspect is still in the vicinity of the lodging house in Mandurriao.

Gabayeron’s family has expressed their outrage and called for justice for their loved one. Lieutenant Amado also appeals to the public to come forward with any information that can help the police in their investigation and bring closure to Gabayeron’s family.

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