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Mystery Surrounds Shooting of Two Men in LaPaz

ILOILO CITY – LaPaz residents Jomar Mendoza, 27, from San Nicolas, and Edmun Mendoza, 32, from Zone 1 Barangay Baldoza, were fatally shot by unknown assailants near the Zone 1 bridge in LaPaz early Friday morning, March 31, 2023.

According to an interview with LaPaz Police Station head Police Captain Johna Aguil on Radyo Bistado, the incident occurred at around 2:00 am, while Edmun and Jomar were hanging out with two individuals who were riding a motorcycle and had been engaged in a lengthy conversation.

Captain Aguil further stated that the suspects had ordered the victims to buy coffee after a long conversation. Edmun left the area, while the suspects were still deep in conversation. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and when Edmun returned to the scene, he found Jomar lying on the ground, while the suspects had fled the scene.

Residents heard the gunshot and saw the suspects, leading Captain Aguil to believe that the victims might have known the suspects, as they had been engaged in a lengthy conversation before the shooting.

The investigation has identified two suspects, one who was driving the motorcycle and another who fired the shots. After the crime was committed, both suspects quickly fled the area without being seen.

Twelve fired cartridges and four deformed slugs were recovered at the crime scene. Four plastic of suspected shabu and an airsoft pistol were also found in Edmun’s pocket, but nothing was found on Jomar.

Captain Aguil stated that there was a CCTV camera near the area, but it was far from the crime scene and not very clear. Thus, the footage could not be of much help in the investigation.

It should be noted that Edmun had been previously reprimanded by his mother not to go out at night, but he did not listen. He had several criminal cases, including illegal drug use, robbery, frustrated homicide, illegal possession of a deadly weapon, and physical injuries. Jomar, on the other hand, had a criminal record for the illegal use of drugs and unjust vexation.

The police have not yet identified the motive for the killing, and the investigation is still ongoing.

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