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ICPO Takes a Stand Against Illegal Activities Following Arrest of ATM Queen

ILOILO CITY – The Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) held a press conference on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, with a focus on the arrest of the infamous ATM Queen, Lunalyn De Pedro y Griño, who was caught stealing from an ATM user using the victim’s own ATM.

The conference shed light on the rising number of thefts in the city, including new tactics used by snatchers to steal backpacks, phones, and wallets.

Police Major Shella Mae Sangrines emphasized the ICPO’s commitment to serving all residents of the city, regardless of their socio-economic status, and the importance of caution when using ATMs.

Lunalyn De Pedro y Griño. Photo from Iloilo City Police Office Facebook page.

She warned the public against the type of theft that the ATM Queen was caught committing, stressing the need for vigilance and awareness.

The ICPO’s Officer-In-Charge, Colonel Coronica, reminded Sangrines that their online content should solely focus on serving the public. The ICPO plans to increase its social media presence to facilitate communication between the police and the public.

Moreover, Sangrines stressed the importance of obtaining proper documentation from the city government before conducting any protests to avoid penalties. The ICPO aims to eliminate all forms of illegal activities in the city, including drugs and theft, and maintain public and political safety.

Overall, the ICPO’s press conference emphasized the seriousness of the ATM Queen’s crimes and the importance of staying vigilant against theft in the city. The ICPO urged the public to report any suspicious activities and reminded them of their duty to cooperate in maintaining a safe and secure community.

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