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Molo Plaza Ambulant Vendors Express Outrage Over Proposed Ordinance Limiting Sales Hours

ILOILO CITY – Ambulant vendors at Molo Plaza expressed their anger towards Councilor Johnny Young during a session held on Monday, April 24, 2023. The vendors were protesting against the proposed ordinance by Councilor Young that would limit their selling hours to starting at 5:00 PM and ending at 5:00 AM.

According to Norlyn Salomon, the Secretary of the Iloilo City Sidewalk Vendors Association, the vendors were outraged at the proposal, as it would restrict their livelihood. Salomon also mentioned that they had a meeting with Councilor Young, along with 23 other vendors from Molo Plaza, where they questioned the need for such a limitation. They also pointed out that there would be no buyers during the proposed hours.

Salomon further added that the vendors have always followed regulations, such as cleaning their stalls and disposing of their waste properly. They requested that the selling hours be returned to their original schedule, as designated by Mayor Jerry Treñas.

However, Councilor Johnny Young clarified that the proposed ordinance was not his initiative, but rather an existing regulation from the Special Services Division (SSD) that permits vendors to sell from 5:00 PM onwards. He added that the proposal aims to regulate the vendors, particularly those who have not registered as members of the designated area.

Councilor Rudolph Ganzon also commented on the issue, stating that the proposed ordinance lacked legal basis, particularly with regard to the time limit. He mentioned that Councilor Young’s proposal was only an office initiative and was not of significant importance to him. Ganzon believes that what is essential is addressing the concerns of the vendors, which Councilor Young’s proposal failed to consider.

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