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Fatal road accident involving truck and motorcycle in Barotac Viejo

ILOILO CITYA truck collided with a motorcycle, killing its driver instantly yesterday in Barangay Rizal, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo, .

According to Barotac Viejo Municipal Chief Major Ciriaco Esquilarga, the motorcycle driver was identified as Alfredo Pojol, a 59-year-old resident of Barangay San Miguel in the same town, while the driver of the six-wheeler truck was Ryan Hontiveros, 38, a resident of Barangay Malayu-an, Ajuy.

Photo courtesy of Barotac Viejo Municipal Police Station.
Photo courtesy of Barotac Viejo Municipal Police Station.

Esquilarga’s investigation revealed that the motorcycle was following the truck closely, anticipating a chance to overtake it on a curving section of the road that was a known blind spot.

Pojol attempted to pass the truck but was caught off guard by a sudden appearance of another vehicle and swerved back to the correct lane, but it was too late. The truck, still following him closely, collided with the motorcycle from behind.

Esquilarga also reported that Hontiveros did not immediately realize that he had hit Pojol and continued to drive the truck, dragging the victim’s body for about 30 meters until he eventually stopped. Pojol died instantly from a head injury and severe brain damage.

As of now, Hontiveros is being held temporarily by the Barotac Viejo Municipal Police Station, pending further investigation and clarification of his involvement in the accident.

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